Board Members

Steve Langevin President
Jeff Moulton Vice President
Josh Koldys Treasurer
Brittany Carter Secretary
Chris Dussault
Steve Cushing
Eric Wolinsky
Kate Wolinsky

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P.O. Box 1567
St. Albans VT 05478

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working to restore Saint Albans Bay

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St. Albans Area Watershed Association | P.O. Box 1567, St. Albans VT 05478 | email: [email protected]
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Our mission statement is:
  • Foster the control of bacterial and nutrient loading in the St. Albans Bay and surrounding area waters
  • Advocate measures which reduce weeds and algae to acceptable levels for recreational use in these same waters
  • Advocate programs on lands adjacent to St. Albans Bay and surrounding areas for improvement of recreational and communal activities.
  • Conduct other activities which lead to the improvement of environmental quality in the St. Albans Watershed.
what is SAAWA?

We are a grassroots group of committed individuals, young and old, dedicated to restoring the health of St. Albans Bay and Lake Champlain. We advocate for cleaner local waters. Through our membership’s fundraising and volunteer activities, we support practical efforts toward cleaning the lake such as seasonal weed harvesting, pollution reporting, collaboration with other lake and watershed groups, watershed pilot projects, water quality monitor¬ing and other community information projects.

St. Albans Bay, near the northern tip of Lake Champlain, is a place of great natural beauty. It is home to many species of plants, fish and animals. It is a place where people can enjoy recreational activities year-around -- biking around the lake, walking along the shore, picnicing, sailing, boating, kayaking, swimming, fishing, skating, skiing, ice fishing and windsurfing, to name only a few. 
St. Albans Bay offers opportunities to explore a variety of habitat both on foot or by boat. There are several areas of public land where boat launches are accessible to the public. Kayaks and small boats may be paddled up Jewett Brook into scenic wetland area where turtles, birds and other wildlife are plentiful. Many people enjoy walking or running on Hathaway Point Road, which passes close to the lake shore. 
Unfortunately the beauty of the Bay and its enjoyment by the community is frequently spoiled by algae blooms during the summer months and the water quality is listed as impaired by the EPA. High phosphorous levels cause algae blooms which smell bad, cloud the water and reduce the quality of life for fish, animals and people. Algae blooms also contribute to conditions under which toxic blue-green algae may develop (see Links page for more info), creating additional health hazards for animals and people.