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Northwest Regional Planning Commission Workshop
Reducing Driveway Stormwater

Thursday, June 21st (St. Albans)
Wednesday, June 27th (Enosburgh)

Stormwater impacts your driveway and Lake Champlain — Reducing the amount of storm-water on your driveway will save you time and money. A steady flow of water can cause erosion on paved or gravel driveways, washing dirt and debris into the street or ditch. Poor driveway drainage also leads to degradation as ruts and cracks appear.

Attend a FREE workshop on June 21st (St. Albans) or June 27th (Enosburgh) to learn techniques for redirecting water off your driveway.  Attendees will take away ideas for both paved and gravel drives.  Also learn more about how taking these steps will improve the quality of our waterways.

For more information or to register contact Amanda Holland, Northwest Regional Planning Commission at [email protected] or by phone 802‐524‐5958.  You can also visit